Notes from the Light - April 2012

If you were to look deep inside your physical bodies, beyond the confines of flesh, blood and cells, you would observe a unified rhythmic pattern which has its origins in the higher vibrational worlds of the Creator.

There are many, many worlds, dimensions and universes. You are observing some of these with your outer sophisticated machinery and others you are observing through inner, less sophisticated machinery!

It has often been stated, dear peoples of this revolving globe, that in your physicality there is a wondrous link between microscopic and macroscopic existence. Let us extend these links to include the visible and invisible, flatness and depth, curved space and folding space, time and non-time, thought and love, crystal and vibration, multi dimensionality and void, and unity to the Whole.

What does this all indicate? That your existence has multiple viewing points and that, through your own free will, you can align your belief system to one or to many of these points.

Let us give you the following example.

Imagine you are standing in front of a full-length mirror. As you view your body, you have at your disposal various ways of observing it. If you choose the reference point of “Love” you perceive your body as a sacred temple, to be cherished and to be used for divine service. If you decide to choose the view point of “Physical Scientist” you might admire the complexity and intelligent workings of the body. If you choose the reference point of “Visionary” you might glean a linking between the “root” vibration of your body, your personal mind and the universal consciousness of all life.

Because your planet is now transitioning, you have at your fine fingertips choices on how you wish to live by the reference points that lay before you and within you. As you well know, your earth and its willing inhabitants, are accepting the invitation to return to a vast network of greater vibrational systems. Therefore, highly spiritually developed beings, many living among you today, are reminding the human family of certain reference points which, if integrated and lived, will create a smooth transition from the present-day conflictual earth environment to an elevated and peaceful expression of earth unity. It is this earth unity which propels your world and its people to be welcomed into a web of worlds and dimensions of elegance and divine intelligence.

Hence, we would like to review with you, gentle peoples of learning, some of the major reference points that all spiritually developed nations in various worlds and dimensions use as the fundamental basis of their living patterns.

The greatest of these reference points is fraternal Love. From here, all other attributes of the Creator’s world flow forth. A society which is based on fraternal Love, will ensure that its citizens lead lives of respect, cooperation, honesty, integrity, and appreciation, while supporting and encouraging others in their communities to create with the respectful use of their talents and abilities. These citizens dedicate their ways of being and doing by creating communities and nations based on inclusion and sharing, while nurturing openness of mind for healthy learning and societal and scientific progress. They continually celebrate and express their gratitude toward all life which is given to them as a sacred trust by the Creator.

Throughout your history, there have been and there continues to be, individuals, visible and invisible, living upon and within your earth who base their lives on these revered principles. Their continued presence assures the earth that it is forever anchored in a holy foundation.

It is with great delight that we observe how the Light is shining more and more brightly through the fog of your world. Happily we observe individuals, groups and communities being secured in the great spiritual principle of fraternal Love. We applaud you and we thank you for choosing to consider and to put into action the viewpoint of sacred living. This is the Way of the Light which you, gentle people, are following.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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