Notes from the Light - January 2012

What does your eye behold? Observe more closely the colors and patterns of your physical world. Do not become used to what you see, for then you lose the spark of invention and, consequently, personal progress is delayed. Do not think that this new world of vast ideas and multiple hearts will wait for you. Be aware that it is presently inviting you to join it, to participate in a greater perspective of a more encompassing and inclusive reality.

All earthly call of the senses will be heightened—sound, color, word, deed, thought, fragrance—so that you will have the delightful pleasure of living in a planetary and universal environment of deeper understanding. This will automatically initiate a strong urge to do good for all.

Believe us when we state that you are moving into a mutually created world of great accomplishment, and it is your privilege—your birthright—to enjoy the wondrous living experience in a world which you are all creating within the profound Love and Intelligence of the Divine Source.

Become quietly excited within the very essence of your being in the knowledge that your maturity has allowed you to take such pleasure in the heightening of your senses. This is a normal progression, although perhaps you are smiling at the expression “normal” and wondering what that term truly indicates.

You are elegant beings, choosing to create an elegant and noble world. In truth, this new earth and world stand already created. It is therefore an honor for us to witness that you have chosen, by your own free will, to follow the indicators which lead you to this highly loved and, to your perspective, newly established place.

Hence, we ask you to bathe in the glory of your increased perceptions. Enjoy this new adventure as color becomes purer and more brilliant, as sweet and dear conversations are held between yourself and the many beings of higher vibrational world who welcome and embrace you.

At every moment, recognize your divine and sacred nature as your foothold in the precise alignment of the many worlds and dimensions of the God Source.

We ask that you look up, not down. Look within, not without. Look through and not at. Up, within, and through—herein lies a wondrous way of continuing the path to exultation.

As time slips away from your dimension, there is an increase in the melding of minds and hearts. Dimensions move into each other as unity continues to be expressed. The Light gathers, prevails and maintains victory for that is Its very nature.

This is indeed an occasion of understanding and service, and the celebration of accomplishment.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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