Notes from the Light - August 2011

If you were to stand at the edge of a mighty cliff and you were to look down upon the land and its people, you would realize that, at such a great height, you would be far above the daily doings of village or city life. In fact, you might even think that you were in liberty while those below were less so.

If you were to stand on a majestic cloud, or walk upon an elongated wave surfacing from your turquoise sea, you might experience such freedom as to take your breath away. Indeed you might even say to yourself, “How can this be possible?”

Yet all is simply a matter of perspective and belief.

We ask you here to be aware not only of your beliefs and perspectives, but also of your consequent action.

Realities are personal and impersonal. Their identity is dependant on the emphasis and extent of your beliefs and perspectives. It is to be remembered: the more inclusive your philosophy, the greater the universality of your world view.

Upon your planet you have multiple realities because your populations are diverse. Yet, in this diversity, unity can be established and nurtured, for, as you well know, diversity does not indicate separation from the Whole.

One of the greatest challenges of your peoples in this your future, is to gather your various beliefs and perspectives and discover the common ground. From here you can build a myriad of realities on a foundation of planetary and universal unity.

Let us give you an example.

Imagine that it is raining and you observe people walking the streets holding various objects above their heads, umbrellas of different colors and sizes, a coat, a book, a bag. No matter the various objects used, the purpose of these objects is identical—to remain dry!

What then is the fundamental purpose of earthily existence?

Surely it is to acknowledge that individuals are beings of Spirit and that the foremost reason for their existence is to express this Spirit. Here, then, is the common ground for all your peoples everywhere on Planet Earth, as well as for all peoples in all worlds. Existence is of Divine origin.

If you, as inhabitants of this fine earth, will acknowledge and actively live this common ground, you will witness a harmonious diversity. This is so, because the various realities created by your people are based on a common spiritual expression—Love.

Hence we ask you, peoples of this gentle earth, to consider our words this day. Become aware of those moments when you promote common ground and encourage diversity.

We see your world and its inhabitants as splendid examples of bio-diversity and spiritual union. Kindly remember that you are much cherished.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’Úpanouissement spirituel et des Útudes intermondiales (IESEI)


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