Notes from the Light - April 2011

The Christ Light and the New World Twinkling Star

Your world is unraveling. To you it seems that it is falling apart and falling down into a deep abyss of chaos and darkness. This is exactly what the forces of darkness wish you to believe. And so, if you believe this, you have become a voluntary participant in their most dangerous game. We say this is “dangerous,” because it implies that you have left the Source of Life and passed on to and into the Destroyer of Life. This is threaded with danger, for darkness is danger and the Light is love and liberty.

Life is holy.

You, who breathe in the Light, will receive a commission, a life direction of happiness. We can assure you of this. Do not get caught up in the seemingly welcoming arms of the darkness, but stay steady and true on the path of enlightenment.

Your world is not falling apart. It is simply finding itself once again in a steadfast beat of sacredness. There is a God. There is an all-encompassing universal Force of order, truth, justice and love. There is a Christ and this Christ will come once again to your Planet to remind its people that they are a divine creation from the universal Force named God.

This Christ will come in a fury of Light that none will be able to deny. The brilliance of His countenance will be unparalleled. People upon your planet will sigh and cry and laugh with relief for the very light within their own bodies will reflect the Light of the World and Worlds.

This is true and shall never be denied.

When we once said “Prepare the way of the Lord,” it was not an admonition, but in the hope that you would realize the truth that all ways will be made straight and perfectly poised in Him and with Him.

This time is now upon you. Do not concentrate your efforts on resisting the darkness, but place your attention on becoming good people of kind heart and open mind. If you spend even a moment within yourselves, you will understand fully that Life is, and continues to be, in perfect order and great intelligence.

Do not be fooled. Do not be persuaded to think or to act against your will which dictates truth and righteousness. Stand tall and strong in the realization that this new and courageous world is cemented in the very Light of the Christ. It has always been so and it shall always be so, for ever and ever, without end.


Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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