Notes from the Light - March 2011

Do not be alarmed, dear peoples of this Earth.

This movement of liberation which is encircling your globe is a natural outpouring of a planetary direction which has long been destined for you, citizens of a greater universe.

For many years, your world has been kept in a dark hold by forces which seem mighty and unyielding, and which have managed to make their way into the very energy patterns of your minds. Therefore, you are unsure as to what is true and what is false.

Take heart, gentle people. All is being freed up so that you can fully express the very essence of your being—Love and Light.

You may think that certain elements of life are static and others are in motion. In truth, all is in motion, for movement denotes liberty and demonstrates Light in physicality.

What is the emotional response to Light?

Surely it is Love. Surely is it the feeling-awareness of community and the profound knowingness that you reside in a global and universal home of spiritual realization.

Were we to give you one word which illustrates the very nucleus of Light, this word would be “freedom.” Thus we ask you to reflect upon this word as you examine both the transitory outer physical world and the stable and sacred birthplace of your inner Self.

How can you hold onto the dove of peace? It must fly freely. How can you suppress the exquisite creations of your Spirit? How can you stifle the music within you or the noble ideas of respectful partnership and justice or the sweet admiration of this wondrous nature which is your Earth?

All that is good and true to Spirit cannot be suppressed for it is the innate expression of the sacred and the divine.

We ask you to contemplate the following: how much freedom do you allow yourself to live in an open and honest fashion? In your daily moments of quiet contemplation with the Creator, how freely do you open your hearts and minds to receive even greater understanding and love from those of higher realms of spiritual comprehension? How freely do you express your inner truths to the outer world?

Remain honest to all that is within you which sings of the liberty and upliftment of mind, heart and body. Become the public example of hope, encouragement and right direction.

Remain buoyant, for progress is being made rapidly. This progress is not linear, but all-inclusive. This is so, because Love and Light cannot be segmented nor pressed into your concept of time. Rest assured that all upon and within your Planet Earth is moving towards a sacred home-coming of universal proportions. All will be well.

Freedom leads the way to unity. It is like a basket of food inviting all peoples to partake and to celebrate life.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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