Notes from the Light - February 2011

Beloved people of this Planet Earth, it is with such joy that we announce an event of considerable importance which will touch all who are directing their lives towards Light. As we do not wish to speak in riddles, let us make this message as clear as crystal.

Everything in the physical world palpitates and within the very core of that palpitation lies stillness. Within that stillness lies peace, creativity, intelligence, love and greater worlds. For those of you who have consciously made the decision to lead lives of surrendering to all that is good and just, there is a greater palpitation now being presented and housed within your very physical bodies and minds.

You may name it “heart palpitation” if you wish, but the rhythm of this palpitation is not that of anguish but that of liberty.

Kindly contemplate the deep connection between surrender, freedom, and creative genius. Remind yourselves that you are sacred creations which pulsate from within the very essence of the Universal Principle, God Creator, for your origins are holy. These origins you will discover if you sit quietly and dive deeply into the very center of the palpitation which speaks directly to you from your own bodies and minds.

If you accept, even so slightly, these ideas being presented to you today, you will soon witness a greater opening of the mind which will impulse deeper insight and understanding. This, in turn, will encourage you to more surrender and lead you to meaningful service.The event of which we speak is the increase in intensity of this inner and sacred palpitation. The result, among many others, is honesty. The peoples of your planet will become honest. Because all that is good will be magnified, the Light will expose the darkness so brilliantly that hatred will give way to trepidation and trepidation will give way to a decision-making opportunity—this deliberate use of free will—for all members of all your nations.

Do not think it odd that we speak of palpitation and trepidation, for they are linked. Let us explain this in the following example.

Imagine that you are comfortably alone in a lovely and familiar room. Suddenly something unexpected moves behind you and you are startled. Immediately, you witness fear in your mind and it quickly moves throughout your physical body. When you identify the source of this intrusion, you realize it is only a small bird which flew in through your open window. Swiftly you change your mind and your physical body. Filled now with compassion, you help this creature back through the open window.

What is unknown to you may cause trepidation. Yet, if you go to the very core of your vibrational being, which we, in this message term “palpitation,” you will know all things that are necessary for you at your present level of understanding. As you explore this holy place of origins, your growth and comprehension will increase and you will be encouraged by your trusted ally and friend, this event of vibrational increase, as it accompanies you on your continued awakening.

You are a fine people. We ask that you remind yourselves often that you are active members in the establishment of this new world as it moves forward and back into its fullest expression of divine ancestry.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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