Notes from the Light - December 2010

Blessed people of this Earth. The only time which truly exists is the present moment. We ask you to consider the following: how do you graciously fill up and move in this present moment? How noble are your ideas, creations and actions therein?

As you gaze into the night sky upon your world, you fix a star and from that point you travel to identify constellations. In your third dimension, you are best navigated by identifying a familiar mark and then moving out from that designation. This gives you a sense of security—traveling from something known to a land of new possibility.

All elements of your world are in flux so that a greater world can be founded. Hence, it is imperative for you, peoples of this good planet, to establish within that flux, a familiar reference which is stable and will support your exploration into the unknown. This unknown does not house the emotion of trepidation, but rather one of joyful discovery that all is perfectly based on the eternal reference which holds all worlds in its grasp—Love.

Love is familiar to all conscious existence, no matter the sphere, environment or dimension.

The present moment, the one definition of time that is possible even in your physicality, can only exist in Love. It is true that you have past and future time—indicators that you are experiencing a world of duality. In Love, however, duality disappears and only a continuum of unity is witnessed, for Love creates harmony and oneness. It is a paradox: Love IS the present moment and Love CREATES the present moment. If you are not experiencing Love you are not in the present moment.

The wider the mind, the greater the opening of the heart. The more inclusive the stance of the human being, the larger your Earth becomes.

There is only one manner whereby you, peoples of this magnificent globe, can continue to create a new and noble world and that is to dwell in this present moment of Love. If not, flood gates will be opened and chaos from many sources will become more evident.

Hence, we ask that you begin to understand that only the present moment exists and its reason for “being alive” is to pulsate Love. Become an intricate part of this pulsation. Feel it in mind and body. Pulsate Love always at all times. This is the path to immortality—your true position in the universe.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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