Notes from the Light - November 2010

Are you so very surprised that clearer communication between worlds and dimensions is becoming more evident in your minds, hearts and bodies? Is it so astonishing for you, peoples of this fine Earth, to discover that you are much loved and guided by those of higher vibrational stance who inhabit planets, moons and other star systems?

If you are astounded, then we ask you to transform the emotion to a position of fraternal love and gratitude. This is a very important moment for you, emerging universal citizens. Yet this time is simply the echo of previous times, for you have been guided since the moment conscious life was established upon your sphere.

Is it not wondrous for all to realize that life everywhere is rejoicing in the establishment of unity as home? Is it not wondrous that like minds and hearts are blending in Spirit to create a noble world on your Planet Earth?

Do not dismay at the reverberation of obscurity. Remain alert in intention and attention, forever ensuring that your thoughts and actions are the pure incarnation of all that is good and filled with Truth and Justice.

It may seem to you, peoples of this revolving and evolving sphere, that the sun is setting so deeply that it will not arise in splendour. Yet, quite the contrary is to be witnessed. All is intensifying. Hence, the Light of the Divine Creator will increase its focus on every woman, man and child upon your planet. Like the clear lens of the microscope, all will be made transparent and be revealed, for this is the only manner by which humankind will bond with Truth. All thought will be exposed. All feeling will be made known.

For humans to move into everlasting friendship with the Divine, it is imperative that all become crystal clear.

Kind people of this Garden, you are moving with great intensity and magnification from the stance of translucency to that of transparency. One gentle touch to help another, increases a hundredfold to thus assist millions. One uplifting thought focused on another, brings all of humanity to a higher place of comprehension.

As citizens of your world now and, with time, of greater worlds, you are to remember that you continue to be cherished and guided by concerned beings from many other spheres, dimensions and systems. Speak and live the language of the Divine Spirit and contact will be yours.

This message is not meant to startle you, but to comfort and incite you to progress in an atmosphere of joy, understanding and fellowship. Here lies the upward path that all are encouraged to walk.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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