Notes from the Light - October 2010

It would seem, good people of this fine Earth, that the waves upon your shores are increasing in size and intensity, that your sun, an unstable yet satisfactory star, shows greater movement, and that the clocks ticking in your dwelling places skip minutes and hours. Considering your viewpoint from a third-dimensional stance, this is valid. Time, as you understand it, is accelerating. Minds are moving more quickly; the very atoms of physical matter are agitated and your planet is shifting and realigning itself to prepare for a “family reunion.” What is this “family reunion”?

If you venture inside yourself, into the very core of your spirit, you will find Love for It is nestled in your emotional, mental and physical makeup. Love creates and penetrates all. It surpasses all word, thought, dimension and world. Love and Its companion, Light, are the essence, cause and manifestation of Creation.

For you to witness a family reunion, you must have a common bond of experience, is this not so? Therefore, this noble Earth, which carries so many wonderful names of appreciation, is positioning itself, clearly and precisely, in Love. Why? So that it may become once again a part of the Family of Universal Light—Christ Consciousness—which so many other inhabited planets and systems already enjoy.

Each person on your planet is given the opportunity to feel the core, this wondrous fountain of Love, to acknowledge It and to express It openly.

No hard work is necessary. No energy of great effort need be expended.

Simply go to the quiet within. Ask for Love and It shall flow through you. Do not question and do not react. Be and allow, again and again.

Experiencing and expanding this Love is the most natural movement in the universe. It is, in truth, more natural that your constructs of time and space, for It incites the homecoming of all Life to the very center of the “All.”

This “All” magnetizes life variance and brings it to a venue of oneness, all the while encouraging diversity.

This may seem paradoxical to you, but kindly consider the following: the greater you allow the flow of Love, the more your creative genius is stimulated, the stronger your wish for the betterment of all peoples is established, the deeper the development of your talents and gifts and the more anchored your individuality within the “All.”

It is not time that is accelerating. It is, rather, the quickening of spirit wishing to bring the minds and hearts of your people to a higher and wider pavilion of understanding and action.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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