Notes from the Light - August 2010

What fragrance do you give to Peace? What sound do you attribute to Love? What thought do you present to the Creator? What touch do you offer to the stranger? What color do you give to Hope?

The answers you create construct a guide on how to live healthily in a world of matter and beyond matter. Let us illustrate this by selecting the rose as Peace, flute music as Love, the thought as Gratitude, the touch as Gentleness and the color for Hope as gold. This then illustrates physical expression being transported to a higher vibrational stance.

It is becoming apparent that upon your fine planet realities are shifting. This is so because higher consciousness is being voluntarily impressed upon your citizens to materialize greater transparency and to consequently ensure that within your societies, truth becomes a clear and conscious sign post.

This enormous planetary movement now in place, has never been witnessed upon your earth before. Historically, there have indeed been vast civilizations. However, kindly observe the following characteristics of transformation which were not witnessed in Earth’s past events: every molecule which makes up your world will be affected and every inhabitant will be asked to participate in the creation of a New World which, in truth, was birthed several thousand years ago by the Great Master. All participants shall, by the conscious use of free-will, decide what they wish to create for themselves and for others.

Your Earth is now a member of a larger Federation which houses many worlds and dimensions, all living the spiritual principles of Love, Truth, Intelligence, Equality and Unity. If you voluntarily wish to belong to this great fellowship, you are asked to emulate these principles in your daily existence. The Destiny of this Earth which has spent much time in seclusion, is one of wholeness, directing a celebration of spiritual bonding to a universal family of exploration, sharing, learning and understanding.

Therefore we say to you, good peoples of this fine planet, lift up your physicality. Imbue it with the Divine inner expression which fuels all life. Establish the standard by which you wish to live, elevate it and absorb it. In this manner the Rose does become Peace, just as the open hand will demonstrate Generosity and the smile upon your face will invite Family.

We ask you to ponder this message carefully.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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