Notes from the Light - June 2010

A great celebration is being prepared for the Earth and its inhabitants. This is the final approach of peoples coming together in the pure Light which houses both Intellect and Love. This planet is swiftly lifting up its head to rectify direction and to allow its people to taste the fruits of Truth.

From this very Earth will arise a great wave of Divine energy which will greet with joyous sound the fine energy of Christ Consciousness as it is poured down from the skies and as it bursts forth from the Earth’s very surface.

Heads will turn in amazement and hearts will rejoice at this last disappearance of separation. In its stead, will shine forth all Life as one pulsating, thinking and creating force of Good.

Do you think this description of these comings times as unlikely?

If you will take a moment in inner silence you will recognize yourselves as free agents, exercising your full right to choose your Destiny based on personality or based on your soul’s direction.

The soul does not learn from the personality. However, your personality can indeed learn from you soul—your divine core. If you exercise your free will by employing the foundation of spiritual expression, you then have the opportunity to orient your personality towards the role of emissary of soul to the outer world.

The Destiny of your world is a clear and precise action of becoming what it has truly always been—perfection. Your earth, in its past, has frequently attempted to re-direct its inhabitants to the Creator’s Truth. Now, in this time of your physical history, no one shall prevent the earth from manifesting its heritage.

Hence, we ask you to consider your choice of thought and action. If you choose a harmonious direction with Creator and Creation, we, from the higher planes of spiritual comprehension, will encourage you to cultivate this new life, for your world is melding into the great universal expression of sacred union. You are an invited guest. Let us together acknowledge and celebrate the arrival of the True World.

It is to be remembered that upon your third dimensional planet, life seems to begin with a divine pulse. In eternity, however, life is the divine pulse.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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