Notes from the Light - December 2009

The light in your sky will continue to rise and to set, delineating your mornings and evenings. Yet this light continues even while you are fast asleep in your dwellings.

It may not always be so.

There will come a time upon your planet when the light will remain and no longer mark terrestrial time, but time eternal.

As you are all aware, the nature of time is changing for there is a Great Consciousness which is spreading itself outwards from the inner planes.

What is this Great Consciousness?

Rest assured that this transmission is not of a religious order. Rather, it relays the truth that all peoples will be raised to a greater understanding if they so choose by their personal use of free will. This greater understanding is the perfect melding of mind and heart and will come upon you as a warm wind seemingly from within. From here it will flow out in a most natural way demonstrating the truth that your world will stand firmly in a light of intelligence and love, living, breathing and working in an environment of mutual respect, honour and cooperation.

Thus we ask you, peoples of this fine planet—this Garden—to recall and to live this light which is given to you every moment. It is not contained in time but it moves in an eternity, which is observed in your world as the present.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)
Institut de l’épanouissement spirituel et des études intermondiales (IESEI)


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