Notes from the Light - October 2009

If you were to open your hands gently in front of you, praising the Creator and dedicating your thoughts and actions to goodness, would not your hands be full?

You may not see the abundance between your fingers, but you would surely feel a deep connection to the universe. This communion is so very much more important than any object you could possibly hold within your hands.

The future of your splendid Earth is not one of fabricating objects, but of cherishing and living the fine and loving thoughts and feelings that you have for all existence.

Yes, it has been stated that thoughts are like objects for they take up space and influence the world. Yet thoughts are of a much greater power. How well they traverse all the time and space and how well they can encourage those upon your planet who strive diligently to create lives of truth and discovery!

Treasure your gifts of Spirit and Intellect. The time now coming upon your transforming planet is a time of recognition that, beyond the confines of all that holds you back, the opportunity is born to resurrect and become once again a loving and noble people, hands filled with the compassionate thoughts of genius and creative abundance.

It is your birthright to place your planet truthfully among those other planets, systems and dimensions whose people await you with joyful arms.

Regiena Heringa
Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)


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