Notes from the Light - Introduction

In June 2009, Regiena Heringa began receiving information of a spiritual and scientific nature from The Intergalactic Federation of Planets.  This knowledge is transmitted to her telepathically through a combination of thoughts, concepts and images. While sitting quietly in a place of sacredness and keeping her consciousness wide and high, Regiena records these messages by hand. Contact with the Federation is always permeated with loving friendship and with the utmost respect.

Because the Planet Earth is now a member of this Federation, the purpose of the Notes from the Light is to help the people of Earth to cultivate spiritual awareness and to encourage a more expansive and creative way of thinking. In this manner, Earth citizens establish a happy balance between spirituality and science and illustrate their readiness to assume, together, active membership in the Federation.

These messages are also available in French, beautifully translated by Claude Sylvie Alschuler. Since the very beginning, Claude Sylvie has been there to volunteer her time and her talent as a writer to this cause.

Notes from the Light are posted on the site at the beginning of each month. Previous messages are also easily accessed there.

Our hope is that Notes from the Light will stimulate inner reflection and expand the minds and hearts of all who read them.

Institute for Spiritual Unfoldment and Interworld Studies (ISUIS)


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