Workshop with Regiena Heringa November 28th, 2015
"Exploring our Elegant Divinity—Out of the Box and into the Light"

What do the following have in common: our Creator, unified fields, “miraculous” healing, the Intergalactic Federation of Planets, ascended masters, the angelic realms, friends in the hollow earth, creative genius and soul expression?

Unselfish Love and infinite Light.

People’s awareness of and communication with higher dimensional worlds is increasing. Individuals are experiencing “impossible” physical healing, tapping into marvellous talents and abilities, programming their day through higher mind and strengthening their capacity to communicate with animals, with other humans, and with higher worlds merely through thought, images, concepts and feelings. What is happening?

Because awakened individuals are conscious of the resonance of their inner vibrational divinity, they are increasingly attracted to the frequency of a higher vibratory realm of existence. As they listen to and act upon their inner sacred resonance, its frequency augments. Consequently, the need becomes more immediate to participate in communities housing similar citizens, be they from the surface of our planet, or from within or beyond it. The higher the mind, the more expansive the resonance, the deeper the heart, the more permanent the resonance.

In the workshop that Regiena Heringa will facilitate entitled 'Exploring Our Elegant Divinity—Out of the Box and into the Light", participants will explore two main themes: creating a deep and permanent anchor with the Divine Creator and from that sacred anchor, initiating meaningful communication with beings of Light. Exercises in the workshop include meditating and inner reflecting, communicating with higher mind, journaling and voluntarily sharing with the group. Afterwards, there will be an optional discussion with Regiena and those participants interested in pursuing topics presented in the workshop.

Regiena’s workshop is well suited for individuals of a devotional nature, who have chosen the spiritual path as a way of life and who are accustomed to sitting quietly for at least one hour at a time.

Regiena Heringa ( has been a teacher, counsellor and messenger of spiritual advancement for many years, working in English and in French, in Canada and abroad. Through workshops, private sessions and transmission of information from higher realms, she helps truth-seeking and devotional individuals to feel, explore and live the inner realm of the Divine, to live this spiritual centring in every day life and to tune into communities of beings of sacred consciousness who vibrate at exquisite levels of goodness and Light.

Workshop Information

Where? The Heritage Room, Nepean Sportsplex, Entrance B
When? 9:30am to 12:45 (informal discussion 1 to 2 pm)
Registration at 9:00am


$45.00 for members of the Ottawa Spiritual Pathways Centre (OSPC) and $50.00 for non-members.

Please bring: a warm shawl, blanket, writing materials (no electronic equipment, please), munchies if necessary and a bag lunch if you are staying afterwards for the discussion. Wear comfortable clothes.

OSPC will provide water and light refreshments.

For details: Gillian at or telephone at 613-299-2289.

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