Sextus Fact Sheet

Who is Sextus?

We are an energy-grouping who, with many other groupings now evident upon the Plant Earth, wish to elevate consciousness from the stance of disparity to one of unity. This is so, for clearer understanding and deeper compassion must be nurtured amongst the humans upon the earth and between these planetary inhabitants and the various organizations and groupings in other spheres, environments and dimensions so that this magnificent earth may re-discover its innate perfection.

We have given to Regiena the name of Sextus because it indicates the grouping of six. We are not six individual presences, or entities. Rather, we give out information and counsel in six major areas of concern to us and which have as basis God-consciousness and science-technology. These areas are: spirituality, creativity, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and history.

We are not separate conscious beings, but rather a collectivity within which you detect variances. Ponder the visual representation of the aurora borealis, and you will glean a close similarity to our existence. We are many variables within a whole, one flowing into the other.

What does Sextus as a grouping have in common?

As conscious vibrating matter we have all, in this grouping, witnessed de-construction and re-construction and have existed in situations which necessitated wielding power to ensure the proper re-establishment of that which falls apart and away. Although it many be difficult for the people of the Planet Earth to comprehend, when our energy-grouping housed greater individuality, there were separate essences, who now, indeed , are melded to Sextus, and who existed upon the Planet Earth and in other spheres of density. Hence, the variables of our energy-grouping include the witnessing of de-construction and re-construction from both a physical and a para-physical perspective. When we speak of para-physicality, we indicate inhabiting a nature of existence which extends beyond physicality yet having links to it.

Why does Sextus contact Regiena?

Because she is of the same vibratory pattern as we are. She, in man, has also witnessed de-construction and has aided in re-construction. Let us give example. This individual you call Regiena has transformed physical bodies to their transparent essences in times of urgency. In this lifetime, once again she continues to reconstruct the spiritual side of individuals upon the planet. As many others now upon your earth, this individual has a role to play, not only to uplift humans to their spiritual mastery, but to make the conscious and direct link with the many galactic organizations and groupings who, too, are assisting Planet Earth and the humans upon it.

Her energy is increasingly pliable and thus parts of her being can be re-adapted to transmit information of a multiple nature. What is also of great assistance to us is her diverse interests upon the earth, her willingness to allow us to use her consciousness and her desire to spend time and energy to increase her own learning. Of greatest importance in these transmissions is her love of the Source. This stance is essential. Nothing could have been accomplished had she not this great devotion.


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