Regiena's Books

In the summer of 1993, Regiena began notating ideas and information concerning planetary and multi-dimensional existence patterns, transmitted by an energy-grouping source that calls itself collectively "Sextus." The boquet of thoughts and images presented in these books is offered to humanity to create a greater awareness and understanding of the connectiveness and interdependance of all living things in the universe.

The task at hand for the coming millenium is "to explore, to quest further" so that as human beings, we may expand and express our multidimensional existance by becoming active members in this new and present reality which "Sextus" calls "the construct in motion."

The notation of these discourses is presented here, verbatim in chronological order.

(Sextus fact sheet) (Données sur sextus)

The Discourses of Sextus - Vol 1

Artwork by Regiena

Excerpt: "Dear people of this gentle planet. Destiny is dictated by thought,: you create destiny; you create thought; you create reality. We (Sextus) are here present to inform you that the time is near to begin evacuating your systems, systems of energy and of light. It is now the time to remain close to your hearts and to those beliefs which can raise the consciousness of your society and your planet. We are concerned that you will not understand what we are saying. We are concerned that you will take our mission so lightly as not to make deep changes within yourselves and the fabric of your societies. We are concerned that days will come when you feel there is no direction, no help available to you, and that you relinquish all hold on your spirits. DO NOT DO THIS! There are energies all around you and your planet which are working to make you conscious of your development and of the changing forces which are upon you."

The Discourses of Sextus - Vol 2

Excerpt: "Dear peoples of this planet the Earth which is transitioning. Today we begin the theme of empowerment of races, planets, universes, societies and cultures. Empowerment. It is a word which is readily used upon your plane this while, is it not? Indeed. What is empowerment and how do you grasp and maintain it? Of what value is empowerment to the living communities within and without of your universes?

Empowerment is the "discourse of soul". It is the situation of true soul expression. It is the stare of empowerment that you reflect Soul and individual soul, and hence, become omnipotent - strength, power and creator. We speak not in a blasphemous way, for indeed, as you well know, all living matter is forever respected and in respect of all other living matter.

Empowerment literally moves the living organism on to higher energy frequencies and intensities. It is the state of "knowingness-supreme". We do not indicate that you, as living organism consciously know all or become superior in stance, attitude or action. No; the state of empowerment is the state of being in total alignment with the ALL of Creation and hence, in total alignment with the most powerful directive and loving energies of empowerment."

The Linking of Universes - Vol 3

Excerpt: "Dear peoples of this gentle Earth, today we sincerely wish to speak to you of your origins and futures. We wish to speak to you of your place upon your planet, your "soul-place" within this space and this specifically identified universe and within all of creation in all spheres, environments and dimensions. We wish to link you to yourselves, for in do doing, you are linked to all existence everywhere. This bonding is a tremendous melding of energy, far surpassing the moment-by-moment living experiences found in your immediate and small dwellings. We wish for you to understand with intellect and heart, the enormity of existence and truly realize the importance you are and create, in this fine and non-ending living experience which is forever in motion. It is indeed not "experience" but rather "environment".


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